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Can't get a good picture of all of you in the same photo? Worry no more!

People/layout/hair/clothing/scenery etc can be selected from numerous pictures and merged into one to create the perfect portrait.

First stage


The first stage of the process involves illustrating the outlines. This is as much about what you choose to draw as to what you leave blank: blank areas can be highlighted by shadow rather than line in the detail stage. its all about balance!

Second stage


The next stage is all about getting the right base colours for the hair, skin and clothing.

Third stage


Now it's time to bring the illustration to life! Layers of shading are added to create character. This stage takes up the most time because my aim is to capture the subjects personality and produce a lifelike final piece.

Fourth stage


Favourite flower? Motif? Text? Or scene? - this is where it gets fun! Whether it's for purely decorative purposes or a meaningful addition to a personal portrait this stage adds the beautiful finishing touches.

This clients name is Ngaio so I drew a ngaio flower in the background. Others have requested a favourite place (mount fuji, the peak district, Dominican Republic etc) while sometimes its just about making it look pretty!


Love how much this looks like us! And I thought the Ngaio flower was a really special touch.

Get in touch

Let me know how many people and how much detail you would like in the background..

See contact page.


I will get back to you with a quote based on detail and time it will take to complete


Let me work my magic! Once complete I am happy to make small edits to the colour etc. I want you to love your purchase as much as I enjoyed creating it!


Then it's time to get the artwork to its new home! Your portrait will be printed on high quality paper and sent to you securely.

I’d love to see where it ends up so get in touch and send me a picture!

You can also order through my Folksy account