Hey! And welcome to my page! I am a textiles designer born in Spain, raised in Bristol and currently living in Birmingham. By day I design textile prints for fashion which is super fast paced and exciting, whilst my evenings are spent illustrating customised portraits for clients on a far more personal level - I love that I get the best of both worlds! 


Customised Portraits

Sometimes there is no better gift than a handmade one- I started creating portraits for family and friends as birthday gifts, as an excuse to play on my new iPad Pro. I hand draw every element using procreate from photos. I am able to take people/layout/hair/clothes etc (in fact just about anything!) from numerous photographs and merge them together to create the ideal portrait. I also like to put my textile design skills to good use and draw peoples favourite flowers or motifs in the background to give it that final decorative touch. 


Have a browse through my collection of beautiful floral prints. These can be designed on request if you have a particular flower that has significant meaning for you.


Textiles design

As you have probably guessed, my first love is for textile design- I just can’t get enough of pattern! Even though I am a floral fanatic I have worked with many companies each with a completely different brief. Sometimes it's about how quickly you can get the job done but nothing beats a hand painted/drawn design in my eyes.

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